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Originally Posted by Beantown Bronco View Post
The Broncos aren't exactly unique there fontaine. Take away the two best pass rushers on the DLine for any other team in the NFL and they have the same issue. Nobody has 3+ premier pass rushers on one DLine.
You are absolutely right, except for the Giants who stockpile pass rushers. Remember what they did against the Pats the last two times in the superbowl?

The few times Brady played great on drives was when they handled the Giants 4 man pass rush. But along with having excellent disguised coverages and shifting looks from the secondary and multiple pass rushers they did just enough to slow down New England.

They blitz LBs or DBs to compensate when their best pass rushers are being schemed against..
Yes, that's right too. We did it in the playoffs against New England in '05 when Al Wilson, John Lynch took turns blitzing and burying Brady into the turf.

But we don't have a John Lynch or an Al Wilson or LBer/DBs that are anywhere near as good reading the play, going through traffic and blitzing or can compensate on the back end on blitzes and maintain tight coverage on TEs.

So that leaves us with the pass rush . .. . . . and to Derek Wolfe.

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