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Originally Posted by Action View Post
Ok at least you admit it.

However you are completely being unrealistic. If you have expectations of a 2nd round pick to be playing at DPOY level in his first year, then I don't really have any room in this conversation. Considering it's well documented how long it takes DT's to develop.

I'm not sure why you're not complaining as to why Hillman isn't as good as LT in his prime.
Yes, sure I'm being unrealistic. But those are the expectations you have to have to run through teams like Houston/New England/Green Bay or Atlanta to achieve what this team's ultimate goal is.

And no, I'm not talking about DPOY, I'm talking about quality snaps in hurries/hits and plays compared to the amount of snaps he's getting.

Here's the bottom line: You may treat him like a rookie but that's not the way the Broncos and JDR are treating him.

They've kept him in there for more snaps than any other DL other than Dumervil because they're expecting him to produce now, not 3-4 years down the road.

Did you see how easy it was for New England to negate Von Miller by running the no huddle, going with two TEs to force him into coverage?

Yeah, that's half of our pass rush gone out of the window right there and then you just double team Doom or have the RB chip him in the backfield.

That's our entire pass rush neutralized off a base offense, running a no huddle but still having effective personal to score 24-30 points on us.

Not every team can do that. But AFC playoff teams can and will.

So, that leaves the DTs and Ayers. Take your pick as to who's going to rush the passer from that group.
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