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Yes, that's absolutely right. I do have ridiculous benchmarks because it takes extraordinary performances to win the Superbowl. THAT'S my benchmark for the Broncos.

What's the point otherwise?

Better? Maybe, but good enough? No.

Anyone who thinks the road to the Superbowl in the AFC in the next few years doesn't go directly through New England is deluding themselves.

The ONLY teams to consistently have success against Brady in the playoffs are teams with multiple pass rushers - from the outside/inside etc.

We've already wasted one first round pick recently in Ayers who's simply not a pass rusher. I don't want another one wasted in Wolfe so yes, the expectations are high.

Just like they were for:

Orlando Franklin,
Moreno etc etc.

We have at the most a three year window with Manning for the SuperBowl and after Manning all bets are off. It's absolutely important that our draft picks contribute in a big way as early as possible.
Ok at least you admit it.

However you are completely being unrealistic. If you have expectations of a 2nd round pick to be playing at DPOY level in his first year, then I don't really have any room in this conversation. Considering it's well documented how long it takes DT's to develop.

I'm not sure why you're not complaining as to why Hillman isn't as good as LT in his prime.
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