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They brought porter in at a hefty price which tells me they couldnt count on harris being the starter. Only a dope would compare Champ to Harris.
They brought Porter in for 4 mill on a 1 year deal... a 1 year deal for a 26 year old player... hefty price?

No, they needed DEPTH at that position for situations just like against the Chargers. Had nothing to do with Harris, they obviously wanted to keep him in slot and Broncos had no depth.

They didn't know who their 3rd 4th and 5th CB's would be before the signing of Porter. So no, it really has nothing to do with Harris.

Only a DOPE would move someone doing so well at a young age at what they do that they've doing their whole NFL career... instead of letting them continually get better.

How about go get a safety that's been playing safety for their whole career and actually has a TRUE build and technique of a safety?
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