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CJ Anderson

I love what I have read so far from "Promises" Floyd has some great storys and he tells them very well.

I will always have that 1st crush type feeling for Floyd and will always respect him.

I know I have told this story before but my dad had to work 2 jobs while we lived in Denver, he worked 9-5 Monday-Friday then 7-7 Sat and Sun where he was a bank guard for 1st of Denver. Some Sundays my dad would take me and my fondest memories are hearing Larry Zimmer calling the games on the radio as we walked the rounds of the 16(or more) story building with the sun setting as we got to the upper floors and me trying to peer into mile high with no luck. We were usually losing and Zimmer would be talking about how if they could just get the ball into Floyd's hands we would have a shot at winning.

Floyd to me was about hope and determination. I remember how the city reacted when he played his last game at Mile High. I kept his picture framed that I cut out from the Sunday paper the next week hung over my light switch in every house we moved to until it got lost in the last move.

Floyd has a right to b****, this is his last go around, I do hope he gets to meet the true fans who saw him play and know what he meant to the entire city of Denver.
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