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CJ Anderson

Originally Posted by lonestar View Post
the problem is it is not his second chance that was after his FIRST DUI when they stripped him of his captain status..

While I do not remember him being involved directly with Darrents death, if that was not a another wake up call not sure what lightning bolt needs to hit him..

then he had the second DUI arrest, the failing of the drug test and then the really stupid posting his play book on line with some kind of commentary about him having to learn a new position again..

Looks to me like he has had more than FIVE we know about wake up calls..

God only knows how many sit downs with Mikey, Josh and now Fox/JDR about his attitude or playing..

Unless he becomes the seconding coming of Dick Butkus over those last 6 games his ass is on the street next year.. I doubt that he has any trade value now that Mc Millian is no longer in the NFL..

SO IF he plays at all this year get your Bromance done..
There is an argument that he could/should be suspended for life from the NFL for all the above. I think his next **** up he gets a full year.
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