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Originally Posted by Kaylore View Post
Tag him through the draft. Get a LT. Trade him for a linebacker. Boom.
Thats how I see it..

While he was a great rookie IMO not that special since..

IIRC led the league in holding calls last year when he did not allow the sack..

Now maybe he is completely healed up..

But I also read somewhere credible that OLT are not the end all in today's NFL like they were 10 years ago..

With the fast pace of the passing game the ball comes out quicker than before and therefore lots less need for billions spent on the OLT..

Tag him for the year draft or bring in a young one to learn the spot and let him go after the kiddie has it down..

OR offer him an incentive based contract with letting him earn those big bucks.. I think we all know he wants a huge contract, but no more than what we offered him already..
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