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Originally Posted by Bacchus View Post
That is not a very Christian attitude. What if DJ has turned his life around? Cris Carter used to have a terrible off the field problems. He turned his life around found God and became a role model for the younger players. Good thing you weren't in control of his career after all he was just another "dumb jock"
After he exhibits this for more than a week I'll almost think he is smart enough to have received the message.. he has had at least three strikes so far from the NFL.. and even more messages from God about his life style..

I still do not wnat the moron on the team and he offers us nothing we already do not have.. WW is doing as good if not better job than he has the past couple of years.. he is to dumb to play the MIKE spot the way it should..

And he does not make enough IMPACT plays to justify his salary cap number.. He is not a smash mouth tackler, but a guy that drags them down from behind.. usually after he has made the first down.. better than not being tackled at all, but barely..

certainly not good enough to justify his $5,000,000.00 a year salary..

Let him be someone else rehab issue keep him away from the kiddies we are trying to teach better habits to..

If he was Ray Lewis or Patrick Willis then I'd look all his dumbassery in a bit different light..

But he is simply not he is not that special to deserve what equates to a 4th chance..

Since he will never beat out Miller to take Millers spot, is to dumb to play the Mike spot with calling in plays and is not better than WW is.. save the money and kick him to the curb..
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