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Originally Posted by Gort View Post
on a Broncos forum, why not?

it's not like the guy did anything to deserve being mocked, is it?

you're not seriously arguing that you should have the right to mock fellow Broncos fans that you don't know simply because you don't like their appearance and that you should be applauded for doing so on a forum site full of fellow Broncos fans, are you?

maybe applauded is too strong a word. maybe i should say "and the moderators will tacitly endorse such behavior by looking the other way".

if the guy did something, like running onto the field during play, or dumping a beer on the head of Champ Bailey or something along those lines, then yeah, he's made himself a target by his behavior.

so far as i can tell, the guy went to a football game to support his team and all he did wrong was to have the misfortune of catching the eye of the cameraman. for that "sin", he deserves to be mocked here? i don't get that.

Raiders fans. Sparklers fans. Chefs fans. mock them for whatever reason. fat. dumb. ugly. tattooed. that's fine with me. on a Broncos forum, perfectly acceptable. but a Broncos fan? i just think you leave the guy alone unless he DOES something to deserve it. being fat, or ugly, or dumb is not enough reason IMHO.

is my point really that hard to understand or are you just arguing for the sake of arguing?
Easy to understand, difficult to believe something so silly. Fat dumb and ugly are some of the best reasons to mock. Hell, I'm all three of those things.

Also, he did far more wrong than show up on TV. Apparently he ate every turnover that Denver has made this year.

See there, I mocked Denver AND that dude.
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