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Simon Fletcher

Originally Posted by Gort View Post
it's cool to mock a Chefs, Raiders, or Sparklers fan BECAUSE they are Chefs, Raiders, or Sparklers fans. anything else about them is irrelevant.

it's uncool to mock a Broncos fan BECAUSE he's a Broncos fan. the exceptions are the so-called fans on the OM who are really just douches.
No, he is a grotesque human being and making fun of your own is better to mask it like it doesn't exist. That fat **** will always be brought up when a rival fan comes in and talks about our fat fanbase. He should have been hidden out of view. He has no concern for any of the people that have to sit next to him. He is selfish and probably ate the actual kid that was sitting there. Now he crosses his arms like he is Jabba the Hutt and no one can do **** about it.

As Linus would say, "The Great Pumpkin has arrived!"

BTW John Galt aka Gort, when did you become Lonestar? Geez!
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