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Matty P

Probably going to get flamed for saying this.

Obviously, I wasn't around back in the Floyd Little days, but I love Broncos history, and he sounds like he was an incredible football player. I would've LOVED to have seen him in his heyday...he sounded very Barry Sanders-esque in terms of his potential vs the talent surrounding him. I know he was an integral part of our organization, and a once in a generation talent.

What really bothers me, is how every time I've seen his name brought up recently, it seems to coincide with a lot of b****ing. He wasn't recognized. He was under appreciated. The organization didn't give him his dues. He was trashed by the media. Etc etc.

IF he's the one that's been on this crusade to make known his rejections/dismissals, it makes me feel like he's just a bitter man. Yes, I understand that according to all of the recent stories, got the short end of the stick. BUT, with an apparent "eff you recognize me" campaign in full effect, it takes away from his stellar career.

Now, every time I read an article...I go from "man, this guy was INCREDIBLE" to "holy ****, this guy just needs to let it go".

Just my .02 cents.
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