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Originally Posted by Gort View Post
by that logic,

is it ok if i make jokes about the gays who are dying of AIDS? (hey you shouldn't have put a dick in your mouth!)

or how about women beaten up by their boyfriends (hey you shouldn't have dated Chris Brown!)

or how about gambling addicts who lose everything (hey you shouldn't have taken the Browns at +27!)

the point i'm trying to make is that the guy is wearing Broncos gear. mocking him on a Broncos forum. for what? for being fat??

geez. are you all a bunch of 4th graders?

i can't be the only one who found the whole point of this thread unseemly. can i?

if you want to make fun of fat Raiders fans, go for it. i'll even pile on and make jokes myself. but this guy is a Broncos fan who paid money to go see the Broncos at an away game and cheer for them, and in return he gets mocked here by so-called fellow Broncos fans. i don't get that. i know the odds of him being a member here are probably one in a million and he'll never see these comments, but it's the principle...

unless he was an insufferable douche Broncos fan (and we have some on the OM), i give the guy a pass. i would consider making fun of him to be in poor taste.
I would be with you, if it weren't for the fact that you're only real problem with it it that he is a Bronco fan. If you want to take the high road on mocking humanity, I can get that.

I don't see the link between the team you root for, and the political correctness of mocking.

I mean, using your own it cool to mock a battered wife if she is a chief fan?
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