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Originally Posted by KevinJames View Post
This thread was kind of sparked by someone writing things like this below. I just think people forget how good Doom is sometimes when he is having a good season at the moment even before the SD game.
Yeah stuff like that is crazy. Even if he is a run stopping liablity pass rushers are always super valuable. Fans will always get crazy like that though. Just sort of a way they vent because they want their teams to do so well.

People that stay all calm over sports probably don't care all that much.

Myself I go crazy but have learned to get it all out on gameday and not let Bronco ineptitude ruin my week lol.

Hell I can remember Bronco fans being down on Elway a few times. Whatever though I think the team getting better and maybe someday soon we really won't have anything to b**** about.
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