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I really like the idea behind the thread. But.. I will say that Denver needs an explosive play maker on the outside, making DT the #2 and Decker in the slot. Willis is trash, Idc what people on here say. I like how your thinking, improving the team, but your gonna face scrutiny for it..
DT a #2 WR?

Do you people think in terms of putting together a pro bowl team?

A 6'3 230 pound WR running a 4.3 as a #2 WR.

Let's not consider the fact that he leads the league in catches over 20 yards. Let's not consider he is the most efficient WR in terms of catches per target. He has 37 targets, LESS than anyone in the TOP 20 WR's in the league in yardage... and he's 6th in yardage!

Let's not forget that this team is improving week to week offensively.

This **** is a joke sometimes on here, people talking about needing a better WR so DT can be #2.

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