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Originally Posted by Action View Post
There's always a few people, whom most likely don't have much money themselves, that always think it's about the money. "He needs to earn that huge paycheck."

He earned his contract by his play prior to it, let's get that straight. He signed that contract based mainly on what he's done and..and after based on what is projected of him to do.

Now moving forward, the reality of the situation is that he will be paid that contract REGARDLESS of his performance. That's the reality.

I despise it when people always talk about contract this and contract that and how players need to "earn it." Peyton Manning doesn't win the super bowl and all the money we paid him was pointless and he "didn't earn it," even tho it's surely all in his and his management's bank accounts.

Players don't become super human after signing a contract, they're still human and football players and just like you or I, they will have days where they aren't at there best. There is no such thing as a player performing their very best every single game... those few who CAN do that most the season are legends.
That's nonsense. They are paying for what they will DO. It's not a gift for what they have already done. How do you explain huge paychecks for rookies who haven't taken a snap?

It's a paycheck for a contract in the FUTURE. X per year - and the pay for each year is indeed, commensurate for what they expect out of that player. Yes.. they need to earn that huge contract. Yes, he needs to perform at a level that contract reflects.

Manning is a known excellent commodity. He has already proved it this year. He was a huge impetus for our win last week. He is worth the money we pay. I personally don't think it's on Manning if we don't win a SB. He can't do it all. His ability gives us a greatly increased chance at getting there, but they still need to build a team that is SB ready, including defense, a running game, etc.

Doom has not had the sort of career Manning has. We paid him big bucks.. and immediately we lost his services. He is back, and just needs to really prove he is worth the contract the Broncos gave him.

I do agree about Von.. he is just a better player. Still, the point of having those two is that while one is drawing attention (Von), it's up to Doom to bring the heat. Mind.. it's a real problem we have next to no pressure up the middle.
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