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Football and whimmen share similarities, yes. For example, if a woman complains it is typically because she sees value and a ceiling of performance that you are capable of achieving. I know you were being glib and all, but I (and I can only, truly, speak for myself) treat my woman like I do my football.
People don't b**** in the way that they see the ceiling of performance... that's a bit too complicated for football fans, especially omaners.

They just take what they see in that moment and treat it as the whole story.

If we managed the Denver Broncos by omane standards... Manning would be cut to start Brock and Ronnie Hillman would be returning punts right now.

DT would be traded. and Decker would be cut. Chris Harris would be benched.

Rahim Moore would be taken off the field and we'd just play 10 on 11 football.

Dumervil would be traded or cut after week 1.
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