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I agree. I loved the pick but there is a reason he was a 2nd round prospect. His athletic ability might have a ceiling. But his work eithic and high motor, like you said, could make him a 10 yr starter for us. A player that isn't all pro, but also isn't a liablity and plays consistently.

I think Broncos still need to look for that big ugly badass to lead the inside of our front 7. I think it could come in the form of either a nasty middle linebacker, or a big nasty DT. But we sort of lack explosion in the middle of our front 7. Vickerson, Bannan, Wolfe decent but none of them strike fear like Miller or Doom, or a Bailey in the secondary etc etc. We need to get a game changing player the patrols the middle of the defense. We are a little soft there.
I think next year will be about LBer in the first round. I like Denver's DT right now Vickerson and Bannon have been playing pretty well.
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