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Mike Shanahan

Originally Posted by socalorado View Post
Yeah, WTF!?!?!
Anyways, as much as i hate to admit it, DEN needs DJ Williams back in a BAD way. The guy is an idiot off the field, but his abilities on the field, and the clear issues at LB trump the off field stuff for now.
I would say the same thing for slowshon, but he just sucks on and off the field.
Great that Kupe is back and as Rev pointed out, he was back to his old self by the 4th quarter. I expect him to be at his usual pro-bowl level by next game with a bye to really heal up.
Also, thank Elway for bringing in Dan Koppen.
Oooh good one.

Sucks to say, but the OL has improved with the injury to Walton.
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