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Originally Posted by Bacchus View Post
I'm anxious to have DJ back. I hope this has been a wake up call. You always want the best for people and I hope he takes advantage of the second chance, if the Broncos give him one, and he can turn his life around.

Some people love to see people fail. I love to see people succeed. Hopefully, DJ will ge this **** together and solidiy the LBing corps!!!
When you take drugs, steroids etc and then place your role within the team at risk then you have let your teammates, organization and fan base down as a result. When you have had multiple DUI incidents that creates the same situation. This is a behavior problem not an isolated situation. This is something far more serious that someone needing a wake up call. These are repeated violations that are a total disregard of your responsibility to others. Couple that with the idiot submission of portions of the team playbook on the internet.

It is amazing how we live in a society where people do not seriously take personal responsibility for their actions and the impact it has on the people around them.

I believe in a world of second chances. DJ has had them. He is out of chips. He is not some immature early 20 something just coming out of college. This guy has been in the league how many years? He KNOWS there are consequences and he doesn't care or he would have done something about it. This is Gerald Perry and Brandon Marshall all over again.

The FO has a difficult decision. Is he worth having around? Is he someone they can count on to be there when THEY need him? At 100% effort? Acceptance of his actions within the team, what message are they sending to other young guys? It is one thing to get league punishment but he violated a team trust in a deceitful way. I consider this violation more significant than having to sit out due to league punishment and loss of income. Has this guy shown any level of remorse to the Denver organization or player?
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