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Originally Posted by ludo21 View Post
lol at people hating at DJ... the guy is our best LB outside of the pass rushing beast Von Miller.

We NEED him if we want to make an impact in the playoffs this year. Get off your high horses and be ready for the guy to be available week 10 or 11, because he will be back on the field helping our team in our major NEED at LB.
earliest he can play would be week 11 but odds are he will not be in game shape for a week or two after that..

IMO by then the kiddies will have as much experience as they will need to take this losers spot..

Why anyone can root for this loser that has let his TEAM and FANS down on multiple occasions.. not to mention he is not a impact LB is beyond me..

Better than what we have? maybe but I'll take th drop off in play however slight it might be for playing smart and not allowing a first down with everyone of Dumb Jocks tackles..
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