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Originally Posted by DBroncos4life View Post
Does anyone really think Willis is ever going to see the field again? Kind of pointless keeping guys around we don't trust like Moreno and Willis for injuries IMHO. Now I don't think Gonzalez is all that good either but at least Manning knows him and has prior knowledge so they will be on the same page on blitzes. I think we all had some kind of hopes for Caldwell well too but he has been nonexistent as well. 4th WR still is important and we have none.

We have sometime to work out some guys and I think we should work him out.
you mean the same Gonzalez that hasn't even had a try out after being cut from the Pats and was extremely overrated to begin with? Or is the same Gonzalez that cannot play a lick of special teams....

Maybe they do sign Gonzalez and release's about the only way Moreno will ever see the field again.
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