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Pat Bowlen

Originally Posted by gunns View Post
I read the game thread on the Chargers board last night. They were boohooing talking about how the Broncos held all game long. And on the fumble that Carter picked up, they were boohooing we had a neutral zone infraction that was not called. Judging from the Saints board the Charger fans were boohooing about the refs and holding then too.

Only fans of loser teams think a ref has influence on the outcome and never see the entire game where they had their chances. Have to say I saw plenty of holding on the Chargers part and an offsides that was not called. Wonder if that's why we won
I'm reading it right now. There isn't a team in the league with whinier fans than the Chargers. Everyone is out to get them. The league wants them to lose. The refs conspire each week against them. It's like the personality of their QB has drizzled onto their fans.

That game thread is something to behold. So much confidence! So much pain!
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