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Von Miller

Originally Posted by chrisp View Post
Didn't they say something not-dissimilar about tebow shortly before they traded him?

Bottom line is you don't trash a player untill you have their replacement lined up - you may find you need them whether you like it or not. How many times has ANY team ever said "we're benching him becuase we think he sucks and he really has no future with the team"??

We did invest some dollars in the guy so we may be wanting to try to maintain trade value - not sure what the cap hit is if we cut him in the offseason. Plus I also think the Coaches really were enamoured of his brutal hitting and felt he would be an intimidating presence in the middle of the field. Its become clear however that this can't cover up his inadequacies.

he may have a future in goal-line packages and the like. He does have some value but probably not as a starter anywhere anymore...
He should have never started in the first place. He was terrible last year yet we brought in zero. He is good in Special Teams and in a back up roll. Glad they finally realized he isn't as good as they thought he was.
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