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theres about 15 posters in this thread that saw what i saw last night. he looked slow! i didnt say he was washed up nor did i say Moreno should be the starter. maybe he's hurt. and what does watching more football have to do with anything? slow is slow dummy.
You said "Maybe its time to get Moreno back in the mix and give the guy one last try." But, whatever. The point is that you're completely wrong on McGahee. They've been trying to write his epitaph for years, but he continues to prove all the haters and doubters wrong. The man is on pace for over 1,100 yards this season. And you think because the Chargers committed to stopping the run in the 1st half it means he's slow?? He routinely falls forward to pick up extra yards and routinely makes something out of nothing. And he is a powerful back who gets stronger as the game goes on. Hillman is a nice change-of-pace back, but McGahee is our guy.

Put it this way: tell me 10 other backs in the NFL right now you'd rather have over McGahee. I'll bet you can't. I don't even know if I could. The fact of the matter is we are lucky to have a back of McGahee's caliber in Denver, and one half of the Chargers loading the box to stop the run doesn't change that. He freaking OWNED the Chargers last year, and they weren't going to let McGahee beat them again. Enter Peyton Manning and huge 2nd half comeback, yada yada yada.

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