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Pat Bowlen

1. Houston - you are your record. Still most complete team.
2. New England - Flawed but you just KNOW they'll be there in the end.
3. Baltimore - If not for the injuries they are number 2. I think they are banged up.
4. Denver - When you consider the potential of our defense, Prater's leg and Manning and the offense, we are top 5 in the conference for sure.
5. Buffalo - I like them because they can score and on their good days, can beat anyone.
6. Jets - They are a couple of receivers and a healthy Revis away from being a good team.
7. Pittsburgh - They had a season like this before and then pulled it together at thee end for the first of a few SB trips.
8. Miami - A Physical, underrated team. I don't think they have enough playmakers, but they are playing solid.
9. Cinncinati - For all their issues, they play people close and have some good talent on their team.
10. San Diego - Really similar to the Bengals to me, but they feel like they are on the verge of implosion.
11. Tennessee - They're not that good but they're not that bad. A really scrappy team.
12. Cleveland. A tough defense and subborn running game gives their not-so-toung QB something to grow into.
13. Indianapolis - Luck is going to struggle some weeks and look great the next. I still don't think they win more than six games this year.
14. Oakland - Palmer has quietly had a half decent year. It will take them a couple years to rebuild from Al Davis' fail.
15. Kansas City - A team that is playing below their talent, has no QB and an idiot coach. At least Charles is still balling.
16. Jacksonville - Literally an awful, terrible, crappy, barf of a team.
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