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On a side note (and I like to toot my own horn) David Wilson, the RB I proposed the Broncos really wanted but did not get and instead settled for Hillman, David Wilson looks FANTASTIC. He's killing it.
lol...David Wilson has not been "killing" it. He has 15 total carries (less than Hillman) and when Bradshaw went down against the Skins and was out against the Panthers, they went with and started Andre Brown. A journey man RB.

The Broncos run blocking has been suspect this season when Peyton lines up under center. They need to get that fixed... Broncos are 29th in the league in YPC.

Granted they've played 4 of the top run defenses in the league.

The blocking hasn't been great and McGahee has made many plays when nothing was there. McGahee played great in the 2nd half of the Chargers game though and really has some tough runs.

I'd love to see Hillman part of the running game and passing game more, and he's starting to block well. Broncos run blocking just hasn't been great along with playing elite run defenses... I'm sure Hillman will be getting more carries as time goes on.
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