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Originally Posted by Bacchus View Post
1. New England
2. Houston
3. Denver
4. Baltimore
5. Pittsburgh
6. Miami
7. Jets
8. San Diego
9. Buffalo
9. Cinncinnati
10 Tennessee
11. Cleveland
12. Kansas City
13. Jacksonville
14. Cleveland
15. Indianapolis
16. Oakland

I think that is all of them.

I believe the Pats are the best team in the AFC until they are eliminated in the Playoffs.
Houston is not playoff tested and they just lost their best LB. I believe by the end of the season Denver will be better than the Texans.
The Ravens' defense is horrible and getting worse.
Pittsburgh is old on defense and their running game is not good.
I think KC will turn it around. They are suffering from the same thing Denver has been. Too many turnovers. If they can control that they will win some games.
You cannot tell me Oakland is not the worst team in the division. Palmer is a horrible QB their WRS are raw, running game innuetral and their defense is beat up.

After the first 5 teams their is certainly a huge drop off.
Right now, we aren't better than the Ravens. We'll see how much that changes in the coming weeks. There is no way KC is better than Oakland, they're probably the worst team in the league. And I think Indy is WAY to low, even after losing to the Sanchez lead Jets.
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