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I think you're just not understanding the style of run McGahee uses. Unless there is a monster lane or something, you won't see just quick burst from him. He's definitely more of a timing and vision runner. Even on some of 5 yards runs, you see him shift his feet many times. It almost looks like he won't gain any yards and then he ends up with 5 yards. He's not a home run hitter, he's not a burst guy who will hit a small seem and be in and through that small hole super fast. He's more of a daylight runner where he will shift step and feel his way through the LOS. That's not quite the same as somebody who dances. Those types usually waste too much time going side to side and they cut hard. McGahee usues a lit of small step movement and usually it's forward. So it just looks like he could be sluggish but I think it's just more his style of running.

He looked quicker earlier in the season man. Maybe it was the grass, but he was running like he had weights around his ankles last night and it was very noticeable.
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