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Spencer Larsen

1. Baltimore - I know they have some serious injuries on defense, but I want to see them suck before I drop them
2. Houston - They got assraped by Green Bay, but they are still a good team
3. New England - Nobody wins in Seattle, you age 2 years just on the flight there
4. Denver - We beat every other team that could possibly be in this spot
5. Pittsburgh - A good team with a lot of injuries in defense, the offense is not explosive enough to make up for their defensive problems
6. Cincinnati - A very balanced team that lacks top coaching to be among the true elite
7. San Diego - Say what you want about Rivers, but he is not going to cough up the ball 6 times every game - unlike Vick and Cassel
8. Miami - I am not sure how Tannehill is doing this, but he has made Miami a somewhat relevant team
9. Buffalo - Just hope you catch them on a day when Spiller and Jackson decide to suck
10. Indianapolis - This team is talented but very much rebuilding
11. Jets - The 2nd worst QB situation in the conference
12. Jacksonville - Not sure where this team is going (well aside from London)
13. Cleveland - This may be too low, Cleveland is not a bad team they just keep finding ways to lose games
14. Oakland - This is a bad team in a dysfunctional situation with a stadium full of convicts pretending to be fans
15. Tennessee - They are so bad they secretly want Vince Young back
16. Kansas City - The worst QB situation in the league, they would need to desecrate the graves of Johnny and Bob and practice some necromancy to bring back any form of Cash or Hope to Arrowhead
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