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Originally Posted by Tombstone RJ View Post
I think the Giants drafted him because he was the best player available at the time? Also, when the Giants got him the value of a late first round pick (#32 pick of the first round) is ok IMHO for a RB, especially if he can help on special teams too.

As for Hillman, I really hope he pans out. I just wish the Broncos would play him a little more. McGahee is going to wear down and I'd think the Broncos would want McGahee healthy later in the year when they are either making a push for the playoffs or in the playoffs. The Broncos really should be playing Hillman NOW.
I have to agree...Willis only has so many more carries in him honestly. He's been a warrior, but he needs rest.

Good news is, another good crop of RB's coming next season.
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