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Originally Posted by Tombstone RJ View Post
yah, he didn't have a TD but it was a 66 yard return. He definitely could have really helped the Broncos because of his special teams ability and then his RB ability too. As far as I know Hillman has not been asked to field punts or kickoffs.

The Giants aren't exactly hurting at RB either.
No they aren't which makes me wonder why they went with Wilson. No offense to him, I just don't think 1sty round RB's are a good investment. I've argued for Moreno because I think he's talented and he's on our team, but I really don't like early RB's

Hillman has some impressive skills though, I didn't like his size coming out as I gravitate towards RB's around 6 feet 210+ lbs, but I know the kids can play. If we can get a lead and find a little running room, he will break some.
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