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Originally Posted by gyldenlove View Post
Tebow's stats:

43rd in passing yards with 34 (ranking him behind 41 other QBs and 1 WR)
8th in completion percentage with 66.7% (would be 8th among qualified passers, 15th of all people who have attempted a pass)
42nd in completions with 2
46th in yards per game with 5.3
0 TDs scored (behind 2 punters, 1 WR and Kyle Orton all of whom have scored 1 TD, tied with Matt Prater who has also not scored a passing TD on his attempt)
3rd in QB rating with 102.1 (3rd among qualified QBS, 10th among all players who have thrown a pass)

Did we make the right decision?
There is no comparison between Tebow and Peyton! None! But are you really trying to compare a full time starting QB stats to those of a package specialist at the moment? I am amazed at the brilliance of some posters here.

And to answer your question... Even though is still too early... yes we did made the right choice of Peyton over Tebow. But we screwed the pooch by trading him for a 4th and drafting the supposedly "future franchise" QB in the 2nd. All this with obvious needs on the roster. Had we invested that pick for this season... maybe things would be looking different.

Drafting the future franchise QB in the 2nd when Peyton still has 2-3 years left in him seems dumb to me. What if we go through something similar that the Vikes went through with Favre? Peyton is not productive by his 2nd-3rd season or gets injured... Brock comes in and can't produce and we end with a high draft pick that gives us the chance to pick a franchise QB say... in the top 10. Would we bypass a top talent QB just because we picked Brock 2-3 year earlier?
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