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actually prior to the NE game was #9..

We looked pretty good the first couple games, even though we couldn't stop pitt on any 3rd downs. The tackling was much better and against atlanta our D kept us in that game until Manning got pissed off. Against HOU our D took a nap in the first half and part of 3rd quarter. Great job against raiders, but couldn't tackle an elderly woman in a wheelchair and on the oxygen machine against belli-boys team. I think we've regressed defensively fairly quickly.

If we get back to actually tackling people, and pressuring the quarterback before he throws 15 completions in a row, it will be a good sign. If, however, we see gates running free down the middle of the field with the ball all night long it means we're in the bottom half of the leagues defensive units. Gates hasn't done squat all season; if he kicks our butts its bad bad bad news.
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