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Originally Posted by broncocalijohn View Post
Daily I'm startled of just how drunk some fools. Err folks can be.

See how that makes no sense? Also, please go away. I knew you would have a snide remark like your post. It is obvious the Mane and you just don't mix very well. You have a witty personality at a zero. Which is the number we all wish we want to hear you describe the Redskins head coach as "tanahan". We get it.
Hey I have a suggestion for you. Go to CP put me on IGGY.

Just because I do not act like a 13 year old nor appreciate what some of you morons think as "humor" will not stop me from asking the audience to grow up and start wasting band width.

Funny that you mentioned tanahan. I must be getting the message across. The tag line is memorable.

Sorry he is the person of your bromance. You can probably do better when you grow up.
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