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Originally Posted by Tombstone RJ View Post
broken record is broke
And since there are still morons out there that do not get it it will remain broke.

It needs repeating until they get that their idols, the guys they have a bromance with do not walk on water like they think they do.

They are mere mortals with flaws. Mikey with his EGO and dj with his stupidity.

If dj was lawerence Taylor stats wise or style wise I might buy into overlooking his dumb assery. But he is an average player that has played on a defense of under average or poss poor players so he stuck out.

He is making 5+ million a year for average play something we can and HAVE in an undrafted FA Woodyard at IIRC less than 300K.

Coupled with off the field issues it is time to move on.
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