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First off, our running game is nothing special. I know you seem to think we have Terrell Davis circa 1998 back there, but we don't.

But secondly, isn't it possible for a guy to be wrong on something and change his attitude? Or do we have to always stick to our opinions no matter what?

The fact is, we didn't look very good against the Texans or Falcons. But we shredded Oakland and looked better against New England. I don't see a problem with somebody getting more evidence -- seeing more games -- and changing his point of view.

No, the fact is- he had been waiting for any chance to pounce on Peyton and the Broncos. Its fine if were 4-7 and getting beat by the bottom dwellers of the league. But it was week 4 -his first season here, coming off surgery, learning to mesh with new guys. Simmons is a Broncos hater and the Broncos are my team- so yeah, i feel obligated to stick up for them when their getting slighted by a writer who has millions of readers. Not only is he a hater, but he cant even stand by his words now. Makes it twice as bad. Thats why i say **** him and stopped reading his drivel.
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