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Originally Posted by Tombstone RJ View Post
you're like a broken record. We get it already, you don't like DJ and you don't like Shanahan. Please, just move the ***** on already.
I will continue to state the facts on losers, which you aptly named above.

Dj is atypical athlete that started our strong and then never got better. Because IMO he was not willing to go the extra mile or if he was willing was to stupid to Make the next leap..

They gave him a chance to be both the SAM and mike. But he wanted to play WLB. Was unable to learn the defense for more than one spot and relied on being an athlete.

When promoted to play MIKE was either to dumb to make the correct calls for the front seven or to lazy.

He off the field stuff tells me he is dumber than a rock.

As for mikey great scheme maker. That without HOF talent can't win the big ones. (playoffs for the nimrods on here)

As for HC making all the decisions on players he sucked. Ran off countless DC that given some talent to work with might have been one hell of a lot better than they were being in a revolving door on DCs and schemes they all brought in new each year.

I'm pretty sure most of the posters on here over the age of 30 saw his fubars and could have Done a better job on players and keeping coaches on staff.
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