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Chris Harris

Originally Posted by Requiem View Post
~ 10% of DJ's tackles last year were for loss. Five others were sacks. You were saying?
This is really misleading.

First, 10% TFL for a LB is a very low ratio. He had 75 tackles and 27 assists last year for a whopping 102 total tackles and only 8 tackles for loss. So, techincally its 8% TFL, of those 5 were sacks, so he really only had 3 tackles for loss on a RB or a WR or a TE.

For a WLB his numbers are pathetic. His Positive Win Probability is ****ty too making him the 51st best LB in the nation (Von Miller came in second). HIs EPA was 74th in the League.

46th in Passes Defensed, 44th in QB Hits, 16th in Forced Fumbles, 46th in TFL, and NOT among the 55 Linebackers in the country that got at least one interception.

Im not sure what you want to use to define his role. If, as a WLB, he is supposed to rush the passer, he sucks at it. If, as a WLB he is supposed to get stops, he sucks at it. If as a WLB he is supposed to drop into coverage, he sucks at it.

Quite frankly, DJ is a very below average Linebacker on the field and a ****ty person off it. The sooner we trade/cut/get rid of this Hurricane trash the better
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