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Default For those down on the defense....

Let's give them a couple more weeks to show what kind of defense they can be. They could be a top 10 defense when all is said and done.

Third-down breakdowns

The Broncos rank among the league's worst teams at stopping third downs. Four of the Broncos' first five opponents have offenses that rank in the top seven in third-down conversions. (Denver's offense is third, at 47.8 percent.)

Week 1 Pittsburgh: 11-of-19, 57.9 percent. Pittsburgh ranks No. 1 at 51.9 percent for the season.

Week 2 Atlanta: 5-of-13, 38.5 percent. Atlanta ranks No. 2, at 48.5 percent for the season.

Week 3 Houston: 7-of-14, 50 percent. Houston ranks No. 7, at 44.2 percent for the season.

Week 4 Oakland: 1-of-12, 8 percent. Oakland ranks No. 28 at 27.5 percent for the season.

Week 5 New England: 11-of-17, 65 percent. New England ranks No. 4 at 47.1 percent for the season.

Read more: Denver Broncos hoping to eliminate third-down breakdowns - The Denver Post
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The one team Denver played not in the top 7 in 3rd down conversions was the Raiders and the Broncos held them to only ONE thrid down conversion success.

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