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Originally Posted by dictionary View Post
You are a wastrel and a champion of deconstructive criticism. You serve no purpose with your negative comments, whatsoever; other than as a placeholder for the detritus that washes up on this forum from other boards. Either you are a master troll or you are no Broncos fan.

Also, your grammar is terrible. You are missing nominative subjects in three of your four sentences. Finally, your last sentence points and underscores your unaparalled ignorance that is indicative of anthropomorphic trash. I believe your final sentence qualifies as attacking my family; since, you have implied that I am the progeny of multiple fathers that share a single eye. I expect an apology or I will report you to the mods.
wow an English teacher on top of all the other crap you post..

it is the internet not English 101..

if you do not wish to read my posts please by all means put me on IGGY..

as for my commentary about your dad having a gleam in his eye.. (maybe it was a term used before your youth) was a simple comment.. a saying of my times so to speak referring to the youth of the person in question..

if that still offends you by all means report me..

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