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Originally Posted by Requiem View Post
Denver needs to draft a player at WILL and SAM. They also need a safety, corner, defensive end and defensive tackle. YAY. WE NEED IT ALL BABY!
That's why I have looked ahead to Free Agency and draft prospects.
Obviously we can't address starters for every spot from the draft.

MLB: Urlacher is the only option I don't see it being realistic.
WLB: Love Erin Henderson!!
DT: Branch, Glen Dorsey
S: JARIUS BIRD! Phillips, Landry

The idea obviously is to not break the bank, so I would target 3 realistic players..
Erin Henderson who is under paid and not appreciated by Minnesota. Dorsey does not fit a 3-4 and would thrive in a 4-3. JARIUS BIRD would be a huge Safety acquisition that I can't stress enough!

Hunter will be back next year, and if he plays like he started to, then DE is fine, plus I expect Jackson to be a great DE back up on the strong side. Wolfe at DT next year will help the interior push.

That would only leave MLB, which I am beyond fine moving up for Te'o.
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