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Von Miller

Originally Posted by Atwater His Ass View Post
The records don't actually mean too much to me. Elway was greater than what his numbers were and was strapped with a Dan Reeves run run pass punt offense for years and in a league that didn't baby the players near as much.

I don't really care what Manning's numbers end up here, as long as he's able to win games. He's going to get his numbers regardless, I just hope it has a meaning behind it.
This is along the lines of my thinking as well. It was such a different time when Elway arrived here compared to now. Its not really a debate on who is better, its just amazing to actually see the differences with these numbers. Nothing can replace what Elway meant to this franchise when he first arrived, and his overall game and swagger are something that you just don't see much with any of the quarterbacks that come into the league.

Manning is going to get his numbers, you're right. But they won't mean anything if he and the rest of the Broncos can't beat the teams that matter to get to the ultimate goal. If anyone is going to break the franchises records in this day in age, who better than Manning though? Fun times!
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