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Originally Posted by DBroncos4life View Post
You act like judging QBs just started when Tebow came to town. Its been going on since Elway left and even signing a HOF QB like Manning won't stop it. No one cried over the Hochuli game? Are you new to this board? People who hate Culter bring it up all the time.

See I understand Denver lost, yet I'm willing to give the team more then a few weeks to build chemistry before I freak out. Most of us see improvements though which gives us hope. Last time we played NE we turned the ball over one time and lost by 35 Points. This year we turned the ball over 4 times (1 on downs) and lost by 10. Sorry some of us see things being brighter now then what was going on last year.
I'm not acting like anything.

I know your first reaction to anything is Tebow sucks.

Unfortunately for you though, my point has nothing to do with Tebow or Manning, which explains why you either don't comprehend what I'm saying, or you just choose to ignore it.

I'll reiterate: last year there was an excuse every week why we won. We played poor teams, we got lucky, other teams were injured, etc, etc.

OP asked if the win against the Steelers is as good as we thought since they are 2-3 as well.

Maybe, maybe not.

Point is, as I have already stated, a win is win. I don't care if we play a team worse than us, more injured than us, unluckier than us, or whatever. A win is a win. I'm sure you agree the win in week 1 this year is totally legit, right? So do I. Difference is, I also think all of our wins last year were legit. I don't think you feel the same. I know alot of people on here don't. So I raised the question if those same people will apply last year's logic to this year's team. Steelers were banged up in week 1 as well, but it's a non issue this time around.


Why was the playoff win riddled with qualifiers, but the win in week 1 wasn't? You don't see hypocrisy in that?

As for your other statement, I said all offseason this roster wasn't very good. I'm not surprised at all we are 2-3. It's just not a very good roster. So maybe there is some inherent disappointment I guess when a playoff team adds a Peyton Manning, and is 2-3. Still, I don't see this roster being Super Bowl calibre anytime soon.
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