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Bradley Roby

It's really not rocket science. We have a star in Von Miller. A guy who's best served as a react type pass rusher, reeking havoc and forcing teams to double team and or drop a TE/FB into protection and blowing up slip screens. We have a situational pass rusher in Elvis, who if we're honest is a pretty serious liability in run support. After that, the remaining front seven players on the team probably wouldn't start for any other team in the league. It's not a scheme issue, it's not JDR, it's a talent issue, plain and simple.

Acquire the best possible MLB via FA or 1st round draft pick.

Acquire the best possible WLB via FA or 1st round draft pick.

talent upgrades at NT, Will, Mike, and SS are really the only solution if Denver is going to beat the elite teams in the league.
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