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Originally Posted by TheReverend View Post
To be fair, we have 8 seasons of DJ Williams sucking dick instead of covering someone.
Glad to know your not a Dumb Jock fan. That make us against the rest of the om group.

For some reason because he has led the team in tackles he is a world beater.

I see that as he was available to drag down a guy that has already made positive yards.

WW has shown this year he has the makings of being as good as dj was and frankly with his history I doubt he plays again in a Denver uniform barring another injury to the LB group.
dj has already shown that he has zero command of calling plays as the mike and Ww is paying his spot as good or better without the headaches.
None of them are going to take Von's spot.

By the time this puts gets out of the penalty box 9 games have been played. Period.
Probably take him another 2 weeks to get into game shape that puts him 11 weeks behind in experience with this defense and scheme.

Does anyone with a brain think they are going play him at WLB?
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