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Originally Posted by TheReverend View Post
Does he? He's a 3rd round guy that can't sniff the field.

As far as the corner schematically, yes, yes we really are. Before last year's draft I said to draft Von Miller they needed to have a proper plan in place to use him and compensate for using him.

Well, guess what:

- We have a #2 overall pick at OLB
- We have another first round pick that people claim is "probowl" level
- We have a MLB that was a FA priority to the tune of 12 million dollars
- We have a former LB coach with a history of maximizing his LBs performances

And LB is hands down our worst unit on Sundays (unless we grade purely off sack #s).

Go figure.
Has the tools, just obviously sucks at using them. Bottom line is still the same, lacking in linebacking.

As an optimist, I'm going to go with trusting Del Rio. The other perspective is too depressing
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