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Originally Posted by TheReverend View Post
Does he? He's a 3rd round guy that can't sniff the field.

As far as the corner schematically, yes, yes we really are. Before last year's draft I said to draft Von Miller they needed to have a proper plan in place to use him and compensate for using him.

Well, guess what:

- We have a #2 overall pick at OLB
- We have another first round pick that people claim is "probowl" level
- We have a MLB that was a FA priority to the tune of 12 million dollars
- We have a former LB coach with a history of maximizing his LBs performances

And LB is hands down our worst unit on Sundays (unless we grade purely off sack #s).

Go figure.
Denver needs to choose one of three choices..
A: Keep Von at OLB in our 4-3 Under and draft two new LBs.
B: Put Von at DE, and play a more traditional 4-3.
C: Switch to a 3-4.

All of which will require adjustments, what would you choose?
I myself like A.
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