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Originally Posted by Bmore Manning View Post
The scheme and what we do really can maximize our personnel but there need to be upgrades. In the 4-3 Under with Von coming off the edge and blitzing frequently as the scheme and front calls, it keeps us from having to add an additional safety to the box in run support. But one of the safety's needs to be a hybrid player who is capable of covering in space and in run support see Cam Chancelor.

To make the scheme work we need two GREAT coverage LBs, we have zero. The SS needs to excel in converge and almost resemble a LB in some responsibility in that he wil frequently cover the TE and roam around the box. The Two tight ends have to be athletic enough to cover players and space, yet strong enough to stop the run..

That puts our needs at a MLB, WLB, and a SS.
In the draft there are candidates..
MLB- Te'o, Reddick
WLB- Mosley, Kenny Tate
SS- Matt Elam, Bacari Rambo

Based on projections that is at least two of our first three picks, it's all three if we choose Mosley over Tate.

I think Denver needs to have direction on who they have and what they are trying to accomplish schematically. A MLB, WLB, and SS are needed if we are continuing to use the 4-3 Under.
Until the draft, I'd suggest starting Bruton at SS. He clocked out at 4.46 forty time and he's 6'2" and 217lbs. Maybe he can help. Can he be any more of a liability than Adams?
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