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Originally Posted by winstoncup bronco View Post
Well, I didn't ask you, but since you answered, I'll ask you to decipher for me the point you're trying to make.

Weren't you one of the more vocal critics of last year's team? I know alot of people on here were downright apologetic of last year's success. Supposedly, we didn't beat good teams, and the ones we did were either the worst teams ever, or they were injured, etc. I disagree of course, but if that's someone's opinion, then fine.

What I am talking about is the hypocrisy of these same people, who find it more honorable to lose to good teams this year, than to beat the supposedly bad teams of last year. There's one poster on here who rationalized this by saying:

ATL: Best team in NFL
HOU: Best team in AFC
NE: best home team in the NFL

So if we lose to SD this week, is it because they are the best home team on Monday nights in October?

Last year, we beat the Steelers in the playoffs, but only because they were so injured, or took us lightly. And that's not even taking into account we should have been embarrassed to be there in the first place.

This year, we beat the Steelers without James Harrison, and with them down to only 5 healthy offensive linemen in the second half. They literally would have had to put a TE in there if anyone else got injured. But for some reason, those people that were disgusted by the playoff win last year, had no problem with it this time around. Now, as we see the OP harmlessly putting it out there, we see some of the indignant responses.

This year, a win is a win to these people, whereas last year, a win wasn't really a win because we just happnend to catch teams with bad breaks.

As I posted earlier, no win is easy in the NFL. Even the worst teams in the league get 2-3 wins, and I am sure the teams they beat didn't figure on losing to them, so no win should be sneered at.

But back to your response to me, why is last year, last year? Why is it different this year? We won the division last year. Won a home playoff game, and the sad part of it all, is that this disgusted people. Alot of people couldn't even bring themselves to enjoy the success we had. I'm sure I know why, but I'm not going to start answering for them. So what makes lesser teams this year, better than last year. What makes losing more honorable this year? Because we went down big and only lost by a touchdown? What's so great about that? I'm not too happy about it, but some people are just shrugging their shoulders saying ' eh, what are you gonna do'?

Winning and losing is the same, no matter the year or QB. Losing a game with one QB, is not better than winning a game with another. Sorry, I just don't buy it.
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