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Mike Shanahan

Originally Posted by 2KBack View Post
Well...bad word choice, because that may be. My point is that he is also excelling in our system.
He absolutely is. He's a great player that's pretty maximized in what he does.

My issue is with the coaches and the FO. Rushing Von all the time puts a lot of stress on the other LBs... especially in coverage situations. But here's my main issue with it:

How do you put the following in positions to succeed and stop plays over the middle?

Von - best utilized rushing the QB or penetrating and making plays behind the LOS

Mays - best utilized in run support, crashing a gap as opposed to reading it

DJ/Woodyard - best utilized in space, both mediocre in coverage at best

^ not a dick's worth of coverage between all of them. In the time it takes for a simple STUNT to develop along the DL, a TE's already catching the ball down the seam.

****ing stupid.
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